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2018 Season Membership Application, policy, rules and regulations

Please Read and Carefully Understand ALL Aspects of the Application

Membership Fees: NJ Residents Only – See attached page for payment information.

  • New Applicants are required to pay a $125 initiation fee. If you were not a member last year, you must pay this fee.
  • Last season members, pay in full by March 31, 2018 and you will receive a $25 discount on your family membership.
  • New members, pay in full by April1, 2018 and receive a $50 discount on your family membership.

*Note – a $25 late fee will be added to all accounts that are not paid in full by Memorial Day.

For families with children and/or senior parents: Include ALL adults and ALL children age 4 and over as of May 1, 2018.

Family Size: 1

ADD $50 for Boat Ramp if you want to use your boat for fishing. If you do not have a boat, or are not interested in keeping or using a boat at the lake, do not pay this fee.

For Seniors 65 years or older; single or couple only:

1 $235 2 $285

Online Membership Application

Family Last Name: Were you a 2017 Member?
Telephone No: Email Address:
Street Address: Address 2 (Apt, Suite, etc.):
City: State:    Zipcode:
Add Boat Key? Referred By:

Names Listed Below Must Reside Within the Same Dwelling

Adult First Names: MF Adults Over 65: MF

Children's Names: 1 MF Birth Dates
2 MF 2
3 MF 3
4 MF 4
5 MF 5
6 MF 6
7 MF 7
8 MF 8

The family concept of membership is only applicable to children who reside at the address of the legal guardian named above. All adults must reside at the address above. By signing this application, you are hereby certifying that ALL FAMILY MEMBERS named above reside with you and that you are their legal guardian. You agree to provide proof of residency to the membership committee, if asked. You further agree that should you submit a fraudulent application, Greenwood Park Bells Lake Community Club can, and will, revoke your Membership with no remuneration to you. You also agree to abide by the membership policy attached, plus all the rules established by Greenwood Park Bells Lake Community Club Board of Directors. There will be NO REFUNDS after Opening Day.

A minimum payment of $100 is due at this time.

By clicking the button, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions stated above.
Please wait for the form to completely send before proceeding to Step 2.