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Pool Information


Rules & Regulations

Swim bands are required in the deep end of the pool for anyone under the age of twelve. A swim test is required to obtain a band. The test is to swim the length of the pool and tread water for 2 minutes once you reach the deep end. Swim bands will be given out in the front office. Learn More


The following policies have been established by the Greenwood Park Bells Lake Community Club Board of Directors for the Safe Operation of the Club’s activities and the fair/ efficient conduct of Club Business. These policies may be added to, deleted or modified by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Learn More

Parties & Tent Rentals

Our guest fee is $10 per person, regardless of age. A minimum of $200 is required to cover operating costs for pre-season parties. All applications must be approved by the Board and/or Manager. It is your responsibility to confirm your date, time and availability of tent (if applicable).   Please email parties@bellslake.com for more information. Learn More