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Frequently Asked Questions Greenwood Park Bells Lake Community Club

Frequently Asked Questions

How many families belong to GPBLCC?
InIn 2021, we had a total of 406 families with over 150 new. This is the most new families we have EVER had join the club!

Who owns GPBLCC?
The members do! Each family that pays its dues in full every year owns an equal share of GPBLCC. At annual and special meetings, each family has one vote.

What is the Board of Directors?
The board is composed of 15 volunteer members in good standing that are elected to 3-year staggered terms. Elections are usually held on the Sunday before Labor Day at the end of each summer.

Board members volunteer for between 10 – 20 hours a month to work on committees and projects. Additional volunteer hours are needed for April and May (up to 20 hours A WEEK) to prepare for each season opening. The board hires a paid staff of about 40 consisting of Managers, Lifeguards, and gatekeepers for each summer season.

Board members also attend monthly progress meetings and vote on any topics requiring board approval. Don’t forget that the first 15 minutes of every board meeting is set-aside for members to attend and voice any concerns. All you have to do is send an email to secretary@bellslake.com to be added to the agenda. Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Operations meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month from June – August. All meetings take place at GPBLCC unless indicated otherwise. Board meetings are generally open to members and other invited guests. On rare occasions, the board may need to discuss a legal or sensitive matter where attendance is limited to board members only.

Can I volunteer without being on the board?
Absolutely!!! We welcome all volunteers. We are always looking for help from our members in maintaining our club to provide a safe, pleasant, and enjoyable summer experience for our families and friends.
In addition, we welcome any and all members to join our committees, help run a social event, or provide help in any other way. Do you work for or own a company that GP might need services from? Or maybe you have a skill that could help support the club in some way. We want to hear from you!
Please email secretary@bellslake.com with your ideas for how you can help support GPBLCC this season.

What are the membership fees, and can they be paid by credit card?
Yes, memberships can be paid by credit card. Click here to see membership fees

Why doesn’t GPBLCC offer discounted “evening” or “part-time” memberships?
GPBLCC runs on a very tight budget. Discounting memberships would dramatically cut into the pool’s income. In addition, we already offer one of the lowest membership rates in the tri-county swim area.

Why do our pool membership dues go up every year?
Actually, the dues don’t always go up every year, but they probably should. If our income remains static, we will not have funds to cover the increasing costs of the basic needs of the pool or improvements. Just some of our bills include Property Taxes, Insurance, Wages, Licenses, Landscaping, Pool Chemicals/Supplies, Telephone/Internet, Trash Collection, electricity, not to mention repair costs–all go up each year.

As a current member of GPBLCC, would I receive anything if I refer a new family to join the swim club?
YES!!! We encourage our members to bring guests to experience GP in person! In consideration for referring a new family that purchases a membership, we provide you with five guest passes. The new member must put the name of the person that has referred you to our club on your membership application. If you are registering online, there is also a place at the end of the application that asks how you heard about the club.

Can I bring food and beverages?
Food and beverages are permitted within the club as long as they are not stored within glass containers or bottles. Additionally, for your convenience, at the front gate, we have a book of local restaurants that deliver and permit food to be delivered to the entrance. Also, we have a fully equipped snack bar that also offers catering for parties.

Why do non-swimming guests need to pay the guest fee?
All guests that enter GPBLCC utilize the facility in some way even if they are not swimming in the pool. In addition, with often hundreds of people at the pool on any given day, we have no way of monitoring who swims and who doesn’t.

Why do I need to scan my membership ID card every time I enter the pool?
Scanning your ID allows the pool management to monitor how many members enter at different times throughout the day. This helps us to plan for staffing and budgeting. So, even if you have belonged to the pool for decades, and all the staff knows you, it is still important to scan your membership card. Because we have a large membership with turnover and new staff every year, the ID cards also assist staff with matching members’ names to faces.

Why can’t we bring glass into the pool?
In addition to broken glass being a safety hazard around bare feet, if glass was ever suspected to be in the pool, we would be required to drain the entire pool for safety. GPBLCC would need to be closed for several days for this process.

Why doesn’t the pool own chairs that everyone can use?
Chairs are expensive and difficult to maintain and store. Extra labor costs would be involved in maintaining the chairs (repairing and cleaning), as well as putting them away each night. These costs would be passed on thru the membership fees and we would rather keep fees low.

Why can’t I give my grandma/aunt/houseguest etc. my membership pass to use for the day?
GPBLCC is a not-for-profit membership organization. We are strict about our guest policies because we care about our pool and want it to run as cost-effectively as possible. Guests at the pool create wear and tear on the pool’s systems, grounds, and require more staffing. These costs cannot be borne solely by the members–guests fees are an integral part of the pool’s budget. Without them, costs will go up for all members.

How much does it cost for guests to enter the pool?
The guest fee is $10 per day. All guests must be accompanied by a regular member 12 years or older.

Is there a different price for children and adult guests?
No. The child and adult daily guest fees are $10 except children under 4 years old are free.

What about Senior Guests?
Seniors Guests (62+) are $5

Can I purchase multiple guest passes at a time?
Yes. A Multi-Guest Pass: 10 pack – $90 (a $10 saving)
Senior Guest Pass: 10 for $45 (a $5 saving)

Is there a different price on the weekends and holidays?
There is not a different price on the weekends.
The guest fee for holidays is $15 (Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day)

Do I need to be a member of the pool in order for my children to join the swim team?
Yes. Family membership in the swim club is a prerequisite for the swim team. This rule is dictated by the Tri-County Swimming Pool Association, of which GPBLCC is a member.

How do I reserve a pavilion if I want to have a party?
Visit our Party Request Application page to request a reservation online or contact parties@bellslake.com to reserve a pavilion.

Do you have to live in Washington Township to be a member of GPBLCC?
NO! We welcome people from Philadelphia, Mullica Hill, Mantua, Pitman, Sicklerville, Williamstown, and other neighboring communities to join the pool. If you have friends or family that would like to take a tour of GPBLCC, email membership@bellslake.com to schedule a date.

Can my kids take swim lessons at GPBLCC without being members?
YES! We provide swim lessons that groups beginners and intermediate swimmers with experienced and certified swim instructors. We also schedule private lessons if one-on-one instruction is preferred. These services are available to anyone interested, regardless of membership to GPBLCC. Contact manager@bellslake.com for more information.

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P.O. Box 714
Turnersville, NJ 08012

Bells Lake is located in Washington Twp., NJ about 30 minutes southeast of Philadelphia. Guest Passes start as low as $10.00 and parking is complimentary.

Club Hours

Monday – Friday from 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday from 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Weekends & Holidays from 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Lake Swim Hours – 12:00 Noon – 7:00 pm
Pool Swim Hours – 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Weekend Pool Swim Hours – 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

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