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Private Boat Key Policy

As a member of GPBLCC you may, make a donation for a boat key to the Club for the purpose of using and storing a boat on our property. Boat key holders must be fully paid club members. Boat key donations must be renewed every year with your membership dues.

For 2023 we will be swtiching over to an electronic lock and a key fob. When you purchase a key you will be given both a fob to unlock the gate and a sticker for your boat. If you lose your fob you may purchase a replacement for $25. Once the replacement is assigned the previous fob will be deactivated and will no longer work.

The following policies concerning the use of private boats have been established by the GPBLCC Board of Directors for the safe operation of the Club. These policies may be added to, deleted, or modified by a majority vote of the Board.

Purchasing a Key

  1. Sign in to your MemberSplash account.
  2. Go to Payments and select Make a Payment.
  3. On the next screen select boat key and follow the instructions. Boat keys are $60 per year and you must be a paid member to purchase one.

If you have any questions please email our lake and dam chairperson.

As a boat key holder, the key you are being given as part of your additional payment entitles you to the following:

  • Year-round fishing privileges – Catch and release only, please!
  • Storage of one boat with proper identification at the boat storage area – NO TRAILER STORAGE
  • Two boat maximum-space with prior approval and additional fee
  • Use of the lake for fishing for you and all members in your immediate family in accordance with State and Local Laws
  • Fishing with the proper licenses and equipment
  • Presence of one adult member 18 or over on boat at all times
  • Privately owned kayaks are subject to all rules and policies stated herein, including age limitations
  • Lifeguards on duty during operating hours have complete authority to enforce Club Rules and Regulations
  • NO ACCESS to any part of the property of GPBLCC during the offseason.
  • DO NOT use the shoreline for fishing or any of the club’s facilities in the off-season. You may only fish from your boat or the immediate area of the boat storage area.
  • NO access to the dam area allowed
  • DO NOT duplicate or attempt to duplicate boat keys
  • DO NOT transfer possession of your key to anyone
  • DO NOT park your boat at the Club’s boat dock at any time. This area is reserved for GPBLCC boats and our lifeguard boat.
  • Display current GPBLCC sticker on the right front of your boat
  • Be sure all occupants of your boat, including yourself, wear a life jacket
  • Use trash containers provided on the property.
  • Report any abuse, vandalism, safety issues, or repair needs immediately to GPBLCC (during the season to the main office, during the off-season to any Board Member).

Keep your boat chained and locked. GPBLCC assumes no liability for lost, stolen or damaged boats. Chain your boat to the racks provided. Do not chain your boat to the fence. Please do not store boats near the boat ramp where they may interfere with trailers backing in.

All boat key holders must sign a Waiver/Release upon request of GPBLCC. Boat key holders are personally responsible for all individuals accompanying them on their boats. All boats must display valid GPBLCC stickers. If a boat does not display a valid sticker it will be impounded until the owner can be validated.

We expect access to be restricted to use of the lake with your boat in a safe manner. It is Club policy that one adult boating member 18 years of age or older must be present on the boat at all times. The gate must be locked at all times.

Trailers are prohibited in the parking lot during club hours and must be removed well in advance of opening. Please do not attempt to back in your trailer or park your trailer in the lot during this time. Trailers may not be stored in the boat ramp area.

Should you use your boat when the Club is open, we expect that you will give the right of way to all non-motorized boats on the lake and especially our lifeguard boat. Please stay clear of the swimming area. Boat/kayak parking for anyone wishing to access the shoreline during Club hours is allowed ONLY at the area near the sheds. You must safely secure your boat and disconnect your motor. Boat/kayak owners take full responsibility for their property. During operating hours the lake closes for swimming and boat use at 7 pm. To avoid any confusion, please return your boat/kayak to the boat ramp area at this time.

We expect that as a member of GPBLCC you will follow the rules and help us enforce them. We remind you that a boat key holder has restricted access to the lake and expect that you operate your boat in a safe manner.
As a courtesy to others, please be sure your boat does not interfere with or block access to someone else’s boat or block the boat ramp or entrance gate. Please place trash in the cans provided. Club policy prohibiting glass containers or any glass items is extended to the boat area. DO NOT FEED DUCKS OR GEESE. Take home any unused food items or place them in the trash cans.

Having a boat key is a privilege. GPBLCC reserves the right to revoke this privilege and to take such other action as may be necessary against anyone abusing this privilege. GPBLCC also reserves the right to take possession of and otherwise dispose of unauthorized, unclaimed, or abandoned boats on its property.

BOAT KEYS REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF GPBLCC. There is a $10.00 replacement fee for lost keys. Anyone not renewing membership and/or boating privileges must return their key prior to start of the season. GPBLCC reserves the right to limit the number of boat keys issued each season.