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Rules, Conduct, & Consent Greenwood Park Bells Lake Community Club

Code Of Conduct, Rules, & Parental Consent

The following code of conduct and rules are established to protect the health and promote the safety of Greenwood Park Bells Lake Community Club (GPBLCC) members and guests, to ensure their enjoyment of GPBLCC facilities, and to provide for the orderly operation of the Swim Club. Compliance with these rules is, therefore, the responsibility of GPBLCC members for themselves, their families, and their guests. While GPBLCC’s mission is to provide a fun, safe, relaxed, and family-friendly atmosphere, our first concern is the safety of our members, especially our children, and parental cooperation and supervision are essential to this purpose. It is critical, therefore, that all parents instruct their children to observe all rules and to obey the Pool Manager and staff. Serious and repeated infractions of GPBLCC’s rules may be cause for disciplinary action by the Pool Managers and/or the Board of Directors and may be considered sufficient cause for cancellation of membership and forfeiture of dues. All members and guests are expected to know the rules and to cooperate with the Pool Manager and staff in the performance of their duties. By submitting your membership application, you are acknowledging your understanding of all rules and agree to review all rules with your child(ren) and/or guests. Violations of posted code of conduct and rules are reason to eject or otherwise restrict a person or group from using the facilities for a period of time specified by the club manager. The board of directors may also REVOKE OR OTHERWISE DENY MEMBERSHIP to those who do not conform to the code of conduct and rules.

The pool manager, assisting managers, and the Board of Directors have complete authority over the pool and surrounding GPBLCC property. All persons on the premises, including Swim Club members, their families, guests, and GPBLCC employees shall be subject to the pool manager’s interpretation of these rules.

The pool is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Club hours are generally 12 noon – 9:00 pm weekdays and 11:00 am – 9:00 pm on weekends/holidays and Lake hours for swimming is 12 noon – 7:00 pm so long as the weather is permitting. In the case of inclement weather, a sign will be posted by the front gate, posted on social media, and a message sent out through the Remind app. The pool may be closed at specific times because of special activities. All closures will be posted in advance on social media and by the front office window. The Pool Manager(s) have the authority to close the pool, lake, and/or grounds at any time for reasons of health, safety, maintenance or hazardous weather.

a. There shall be NO LOITERING, CONGREGATING, OR VISITING near the entrance or in the manager’s office.
b. The front office is for GPBLCC staff only. Violations may result in suspended membership.
c. SMOKING is prohibited except in designated smoking areas.
d. Profanity, fighting, threatening, bullying, obscene gestures, racial or homophobic slurs will NOT BE TOLERATED. GPBLCC manager/assistant manager(s)/board of directors is authorized to take appropriate action that may include contacting local authorities in response to activities that threaten the health, safety, and comfort of our members and guests. The board of directors may also REVOKE membership for any of these violations.
e. All trash and recyclables should be placed in designated receptacles.
f. All injuries, no matter how minor, should be reported immediately to the Manager or staff.
g. Alcoholic beverages in cans or cups are permitted for adults 21 + years or older. Any member or guest that is under 21 years of age and is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, will be asked to leave GPBLCC immediately and membership may be revoked or suspended.
h. Anyone caught in the pool before or after pool hours will have their pool privileges suspended for the entire season immediately. Legal action will also be pursued.
i. During swim team practice and at swim lessons, all persons are limited to the upper pool deck area near the frog pavilion. Members (especially children) are not to wander the Club Grounds or play in any area other than the immediate pool apron areas. This especially applies to the Lake Area. This is the responsibility of the Swim Team Coach and/or Swim Team Chair.

a. NO PETS of any kind are permitted on-premises. (Except for scheduled Doggie Dip Days).
b. Bicycle riders SHALL WALK their bikes through the entrance and to the parking stalls. Should there be more bikes than available stalls, they should be parked upright and adjacent to the stalls. Bicycles thrown on the ground and parked out of the prescribed area will not be tolerated.
c. NO GLASS articles of any kind are allowed on GPBLCC grounds. The management reserves the right to inspect all coolers, bags, or containers to enforce this.

a. Admission to GPBLCC and use of the pool, lake, and grounds during hours established for general usage will be on the following basis to members in good standing and their guests:
i. GPBLCC members and members of their immediate family shall scan their key card at the front gate prior to entering GPBLCC.
ii. PARENTS are responsible for the actions and safety of their minor children at all times. While our staff is tasked with ensuring the safety of all swimmers, each parent must realistically evaluate the skill and experience level of their child and supervise accordingly.
iii. All guests must be accompanied by a GPBLCC member 12 years of age or older. Guests shall enter their names in the guest book, along with the name of the accompanying GPBLCC member, and shall pay applicable daily guest fees. The guest fee per day is $10 except children under 4 years old are free. Senior Guests (62+) are $5. Guest fees on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day are $15. Senior Guests on these days is $10.
iv. Children of members unaccompanied by an adult will be admitted to the pool area as follows:
1. Children who are 12 years of age and older may be admitted to the pool area without an adult only after such a child has received a swim band and provided the parents have indicated their consent by signing the GPBLCC Consent Form. Guests of members who are 12 years of age and older must have written permission of the adult membership holder to be signed in at the pool and must also receive a swim band.
2. If GPBLCC closes while a child is at the pool unaccompanied, parents must be available or have decided to have their child picked up by a responsible adult. GPBLCC management and staff is NOT responsible for transportation for any child once it has closed.
3. If any child who is unaccompanied by an adult is asked to leave GPBLCC more than three times during the course of the summer for disciplinary reasons and/or at the discretion of the head manager and board of directors, that child will NOT be permitted entry to GPBLCC without a supervising adult.
4. The cost of any property damage caused by children, or their guest(s) unaccompanied by an adult will be charged to the responsible member. GPBLCC is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal property.

a. The pool is to be used only when it is properly staffed with a Manager or assistant manager, and the appropriate number of lifeguards.
b. Lifeguard stands are for lifeguards ONLY.
c. No loitering, congregating, visiting, or socializing with the lifeguards while on duty. Interfering with the lifeguards in the execution of their assigned duties is strictly prohibited.
d. Lifeguards have complete authority to enforce all Rules and Regulations of the Club. Always obey any direction from the lifeguards and pool manager. Their decision is FINAL.
e. No floats, inner tubes, or noodles are permitted in the pool. (Unless it is a specific event)
f. All swimmers must wear regular bathing suits. Manager reserves the right to REMOVE SWIMMER IN REVEALING BATHING SUIT. No cutoffs, shorts, etc. may be worn in the pool. This is by order of the board of health.
g. Pursuant to the State Board of Health, SHOWERS ARE REQUIRED before entering the pool. This especially applies to those who have been swimming in the lake or playing volleyball or basketball.
h. No members or guests with skin rashes, abrasions, sores, or infections of the skin or respiratory tract will be allowed in the pool. If in doubt, please see the club manager.
i. Alcohol is NOT permitted in the pool or anywhere within two feet of the pool edge. All alcoholic beverage cans must be covered with a koozie.
j. Children with SWIMMIES must stay in the shallow end or middle section of the pool only and MUST BE accompanied by an adult who is in the water at all times.
k. The baby pool is limited to children under six years of age who are being monitored by a person at least 15 years of age or older.
l. Babies in disposable diapers are not permitted in the main pool OR the baby pool. Babies in swimmie diapers and regular diapers with plastic pants are permitted in the baby pool ONLY.
m. No children under the age of 18 years of age are permitted in the pool or on the apron during adult swims.
n. At no time will children be allowed to jump off the diving board to a waiting parent.
o. Only ONE person at a time is permitted on the diving board. All dives must be executed in line with the diving board. Swimmers completing their dive must exit the pool via the pool ladders on either side of the diving area.
p. Playing catch in the pool will be allowed at the discretion of the lifeguard staff, and only with soft water-absorbent balls. Playing catch on the pool apron is prohibited.
q. Lifejackets of any kind are not permitted in the main pool or the baby pool.
r. For safety purposes, the following is prohibited on the pool apron:
   i. Running
   ii. Wrestling
   iii. Sliding
   iv. Smoking
   v. Dunking
   vi. Spitting
   vii. Pushing
   viii. Floating Toys
   ix. Horseplay of ANY kind

a. All Wibit rules and requirements have been set forth to ensure your safety and fun while on the WIBIT. The rules and requirements are subject to change based on the Head Manager and Board of Directors at GPBLCC, as well as any new Wibit pieces that may be added over time.
b. Each Wibit group is limited to fifteen (15) people per 20-minute session.
c. WIBIT is open during operational lake hours, Monday – Friday 12:00 – 7:00 pm and Weekends and Holidays 11:00 – 7:00 pm
d. Life jackets are required for everyone going out on the Wibit, no exceptions. Only the blue life jackets are to be worn for the WIBIT and must be properly clipped before using the WIBIT.
e. At the completion of your session, Life jackets must be returned, rinsed off, and HUNG UP at the designated location.
f. After the use of the WIBIT, ALL GUESTS MUST SHOWER OFF BEFORE RETURNING TO THE POOL(s). This will ensure no sand, seaweed or anything from the lake gets into the Pool’s systems.
g. No one is permitted to sign up for two consecutive Wibit sessions. The WIBIT may be at times very demanding on your body, therefore we require 20 minutes rest time between sessions.
h. Those wanting to use the WIBIT must go to the manager’s office and get a lifeguard to sign them up on the WIBIT board for one session at a time. We do not allow other people to sign up for anyone else. This is to ensure that the swimmers are within the guidelines set forth by the Head Manager and The Board of Directors.
j. Everyone between the ages of 6-11 must have passed the swim test in order to go on the WIBIT. Swim Bands must be worn at all times while on the WIBIT as well.
k. No jewelry, belts, casts, or any other type of sharp objects are authorized on the WIBIT. Lifeguards are not required to help swimmers up and onto the Wibit. Bypassing the deep end test you are showing that you are able to swim out to the WIBIT on your own and be able to get on the WIBITwithout the need of a lifeguard.
l. Jumping off any portion of the WIBIT requires a feet first entry. There is no diving, flips, etc. permitted of any section of the WIBIT.
m. All swimmers will listen to the lifeguard while on the WIBIT. Failure to do so could result in, but not limited to, Removal from that WIBIT Group, removal from the Wibit for the day, or seasonal removal from using the WIBIT.

a. Boating and fishing are not permitted in or near the roped off swim area.
b. Gasoline engines are prohibited in any form. They may not even be attached to a boat.
c. The use of the lake is strictly prohibited when there is no lifeguard present.
d. Anyone renting a boat on our lake MUST wear a life jacket. Those who own a boat and have lawful permission to be on our lake MUST have a life jacket for everyone in the boat.
e. Members 12 years of age and older may take out a Kayak after they have successfully completed the Kayak Test.
f. All boaters must be cleared from the lake or designated swimming areas when Tri-Club swimmers are present for scheduled training sessions.
g. All boaters must adhere to lifeguards when signaling to exit the water due to hazardous weather conditions or for other safety purposes.

a. The Manager, Assistant Manager, Lifeguards, and Board of Directors enforce all rules. Violations of any rule will be dealt with as follows:
   i. FIRST VIOLATION: Warning will be given.
   ii. SECOND VIOLATION: Entire family suspended for 1 week.
   iii. THIRD VIOLATION: Entire family suspended for the remainder of the summer season and membership dues will be forfeited.

Code Of Conduct & Rules

Parental Consent

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