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Program Information

The “Tadpoles” is a program that gets swimmers ready to be apart of the Greenwood Park Bells Lake Swim Team and more comfortable swimming. Within this program, the fundamentals of swimming will be taught to each person in the program prior to being allowed at the main swim team practices or Graduating. “Tadpoles” will work in a group swim lesson style to learn the fundamentals.

“Tadpoles” program has been created by a American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI) employee of Greenwood Park Bells Lake Community Club. All fundamentals of the program come directly from American Red Cross. Teachers of the course, are taught directly from the WSI Instructor and reviewed prior to each class / each week. The goal is to get these “Tadpoles” ready to be apart of the Swim Team [Frogs]. This could be the case after a few lessons, or a goal by the end of the program. Below is the what is covered in the “Tadpoles” program*:

  • Blowing Bubles in the water
  • Learning to jump in and out of the water (Shallow and Deep ends)
  • General Water Saftey Information
  • Learning to kick with and without a kickboard
  • Diving (Off the side of the pool and off the starting blocks)
  • Fundamentals of the following swim strokes:
    • Freestyle
    • Backstroke
    • Breaststroke
    • Butterfly

* Please note, that all requirements are needed in order to be a part of the Swim Team [Frogs] program. The ultimate decision to process comes down to the Swim Team Coaching staff that is involved in the program


    • Must be 2 years or older.
    • Must be potty-trained.

      Levels & Progression

      Please note, that based off the experiencee and skill level of the “Tadpole” you child could be starting at a different level. This is not based off age, but more on the capability of each individual. All “Tadpoles” are assessed on the same check list, and no exceptions are made on this policy. Below is a rough template of different Group examples that are being taught in the program. This list can change from year to year, based off what the “Tadpoles” need.

      Level 1 – Introduction to Water

      Focus on – Blowing Bubbles, comfortable in the water, learning to kick in the water with a kick board, learning to jump in the water and swim to the ladders/stairs.

      Levels 2 & 3 – Learning of the strokes
      (Group 3 will be the higher level)

      Focus on – Learning the basics of the swim strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke). Focusing on the arm strokes, kicking and breathing in each.

      Level 4 – Final Stage “Tadpoles”
      (With WSI / Swim Team Coach)

      Focus on – Learning different drills for the four strokes covered in Groups 2 & 3. Learning to dive off the blocks or side of the pool. Completing multiple laps (25 yards) in the pool.

      Level 4 is more like a swim team practice. Ensuring that those that are about to “Graduate” from the “Tadpoles” program are ready to start in their respected Swim Team Practice. In order to graduate, the WSI / Swim Coach must have cleared them Swim Team Ready. Communication will be had with the parents / Guardians for this Group. Graduating can be done at any time, and not a length in the program requirement. “Tadpoles” must show they are ready in order to graduate.


      Lesson will be held Monday through Friday for each week below.

        • June 19-23
        • June 26-30
        • July 3-7
        • July 10-14
        • July 17-21
        • July 24-28


      Monday through Friday from 11:15 am to 12:00 pm


      prices listed are per week/per swimmer

      Member: $100

      Non-Member: $125